property dev

Whether it is a complex high-density project or your nest egg, we pride ourselves on providing personalised advice and availability to be involved in every detail of your project.

Our practice encompasses a large range of property related matters, including:

  • Joint ventures and development
  • Land subdivisions
  • Commercial and industrial property
  • Residential property
  • Commercial/ industrial and retail leasing
  • Mining and extractive industries related property
  • Stamp duty related issues
  • Put and call options
  • Vendor terms
  • Matters relating to Owners Corporation
  • Construction

If you are a property developer, we know how important it is for you to forecast your fees and prepare an accurate feasibility proposal. We have listened to what our clients have said and as a result, we can tailor an agreed fee quote from the start of the project to ensure you have peace of mind and the confidence to pursue your project without worrying about a blowout in legal fees.